retractor is a surgical instrument used to separate the edges of a surgical incision or wound, or to hold back underlying organs and tissue so that body parts under the incision may be accessed. The general term retractor usually describes a simple handheld steel tool possessing a curved, hooked, or angled blade and fitted with a comfortable handle, that when in place maintains the desired position of a given region of tissue. These simple retractors may be handheld, clamped in place, or suspended at the end of a robotic arm. Retractors can also be self-retaining and not need to be held once inserted by having two or more opposing blades or hooks which are separated via spring, ratchet , worm gear or other method. The term retractor is also used to describe distinct, hand-cranked devices such as rib spraeders (also known as thoracic retractors, or distractors) with which surgeons may forcefully drive tissues apart to obtain exposure. For specialized situations such as spinal surgery, retractors have been fitted both with suction and with fiberoptic lights to keep a surgical wound dry and illuminated.

Viva Instruments - World leader suppliers of Surgical instruments. These high quality Self Retaining Retractors are made with high grade stainless steel and comes with lifetime warranty. 

Viva instruments are produced using the highest grades of surgical stainless steel to ensure steel quality and consistent pattern conformity. We work closely with healthcare clinicians throughout the surgical disciplines to ensure our products meet and exceed their expectations.

Self-retaining retractors list 

  • Rultract Skyhook Retractor System
  • Alm Retractor
  • Lone star retractor
  • Galaxy II retractor
  • Gelpi Retractor
  • Gutow Retractor
  • Weitlander Retractor
  • Beckman-Weitlaner Retractor
  • Beckman-Eaton Retractor
  • Beckman Retractor
  • Adson Retractor
  • Balfour Retractor
  • Finochietto Retractor or Rib Spreader 


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Balfour Retractor


Gelpi Retractor 3.5"

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Inge Lamina Spreader 9.5''