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Blacks Files - Viva Podiatry Instruments

Blacks Files - Podiatry Instruments 

What is a blacks file?

A black file is podiatry tool used to treat ingrown nails. It is used to clear debris or for filing along the edge of the nail.

What are a blacks file made of? 

Blacks file are made of the highest grade of surgical stainless steel. There are two types of blacks files available single-use & reusable at Viva Instruments we only sell reusable instruments made of 420-grade stainless steel.  


What is the size & length of blacks file? 

They are approx 13-14cm long.


What shapes or designs blacks files are available in? 

Blacks files are manufactured in multiple shapes and design the most popular ones are the single-ended serrated head, double-ended with serrated head & probe, round smooth handle or textured non-slip grip.


What to check when buying blacks file podiatry instruments?

1. Check the head they must be serrated well and clean as the poor finish serrated head won't do the best job.

2. If the blacks file has a textured handle check and ensures it is clean & there is no sign of rust or debris.

3. Check for any cracks or damage there is a high risk of growing bacteria into cracks & it is critical to have clean and safe instruments present in your podiatry clinic or nail bar.


How to store podiatry instruments blacks files?

Storing instruments properly and with manufacturers instructions provided with the instruments can save you money and increase the lifetime of your podiatry tools. When travelling with instruments make sure they are packed or stored separately, always clean and wash with approved detergents & store in sterilised packaging or an instrument case.


For more info or questions you may have please contact us and one of our product specialist will be happy to assist you.