barber scissors

Hairdressing Barber Scissors Manufacturer & Supplier 

Viva Instruments proud to launch hairdressing & barber scissors to its hair & beauty tools collection, at Viva Instruments we produce and supply premium quality barber and haircare tools. We stock a wide range of barber scissors and sell them at very competitive prices. All our scissors are made of high-quality stainless steel and provide excellent cutting results. Through decades of experience and extensive knowledge of manufacturing scissors, we have earned the credit to be the number one manufacturer and supplier. We have an office based in London, in the UK, from here we provide the best customer service and dispatch our online orders. 


Our Manufacturing Unit

We operate a state of the art manufacturing unit equipped with advance machinery based in Sialkot, Pakistan, and employee skilled craftsmanship with years of experience in the industry we comply with all health and safety laws set by the international bodies. We have strict measures in place to make sure that no child is employed by us and we work with local authorities to keep children in education.

Types of Barber Scissors

There are many different types of barber scissors available in the market choosing the right pair of scissors can make a huge difference in cutting quality and handling of the scissor. 

  1. 4.5'' Inch Scissors - This size and type are designed for small hands with short blades with or without finger rest knob. We have multiple colors and designs available in this size if you have special requirements of need more info please contact our customer service team and they would be happy to assist you. 
  2. 5'' Inch Scissors - Perfect short-medium pair of barber scissors get this size suits people with small hands and provides excellent results when cutting short hairs. 
  3. 5.5'' Inch Scissors - This size is the most popular and perfect for everyone adjustable screws with finger knob or fixed blades available in multiple designs and colors explore our online catalog to find out more. 
  4. 6'' Inch Scissors - Perfect pair of barber scissors designed for large or medium hands. 

How to keep scissors safe and last longer? 

You have spent hundreds of pounds on good quality scissors but if you are not keeping your tools maintained or safe you'll end up losing money and getting poor results here is a list of steps to keep your scissors in good condition.

  1. Always store your scissors properly we recommend storing in a case provided with the scissors or you can buy one. 
  2. Do not store or carry scissors with other tools or items.
  3. Do not wash or rinse your scissors with water, always use approved detergent.
  4. Avoid dropping your scissors as you may damage the blades. 
  5. Use lubricant to keep your scissors works smoothly. 
  6. Only use scissors for cutting hairs using for other purposes may result in damage to blades and poor cutting quality. 
  7. Avoid sharpening scissors if you are not trained always get your scissors to sharpen by an experienced person or sharpening service provider.  

Online Order - Barber Scissors & Shears 

We accept online orders for hairdressing and barber scissors our online store is fully equipped with the latest designs and all types of scissors, ordering online is very easy and we aim to deliver all orders received before 1 pm, on the same day.