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Full Head Cut Nipper

nail nippers

This full head cut nail nipper designed and finish in France is an excellent tool for podiatrists. The nipper has single leaf spring perfectly placed at the right spot to get smooth and easy cutting. The nipper is made of highest quality medical grade stainless steel minimum HRC - 50/54 and is fully autoclave-able. The hardness of steel is very important to get perfect cutting results manufacturers select the steel very carefully.

Ingrown Nail Nipper

ingrown nail nippers

Ingrown Toenail Nipper is specially designed to remove ingrown toenails. The handle fits comfortably in the hand and offers optimal, non-slip grip. The single leaf spring and sharp, straight edge pointed tips provide comfort and ease of use.

Cantilever Nail Nippers

cantilever nail nippers

These are the heavy duty nippers designed to cut and remove the tough nail. The nipper is commonly used for podiatry procedures. The instrument comes with different types springs most popular ones barrel and leaf spring. The handles are perfectly designed to fit in the hands of user.

Concave Blade Nippers

Nail Nippers

Beautifully designed double action spring nail nipper with safety lock is an ideal tool for podiatry & pedicure procedures. The concave blades gives excellent flexibility and ease of use. The handles are textured to provide easy & non slip handling. Nail Nippers