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How to check quality of Nail Nippers Podiatry instruments

1. Check the box is it closed properly.

2. Check Blades do they meet together from one end to other end. 

3. Take a paper and cut to see the cutting quality it should cut without pressing too hard they must be sharp to do the job.

4. Check the springs do they have enough strength to operate the nail nipper smoothly weak springs can lead to many quality issues.

5. Check for any cracks this can lead to breakage and bacteria being built within the cracks.

6. Nail nippers with lock must be easy to unlock some bad quality nippers take lot of effort to unlock.

7. Check the stainless steel quality medical instruments made with poor grade steel can have very short lifetime and may not do the job properly.

8. Check within the jaws it must be clean rust and oil free.

For further questions about nail nippers or podiatry instruments please feel free to email us.