Podiatry Instruments


Podiatry Instruments UKPodiatry Instruments UK

Podiatry industry is growing rapidly in the UK and demand for Podiatry & Surgical instruments has increased over the years.

Many Podiatrists prefer to use reusable podiatry instruments for excellent results and provide highest quality clinical services. 

We at Viva Instruments work hard to develop new instruments for podiatry industry in the UK and supply highest quality instruments at very competitive prices.

Single use podiatry instruments are getting very popular but we still advice our clients to use reusable instruments for better performance and also they are environment friendly. 

  • Nail Nippers 
  • Cantilever Nippers
  • Blacks File & Probes
  • Nail files & Rasps 
  • Nail surgery instruments
  • Forceps
  • Bone cutters
  • Thwaites Nipper Pliers 
  • Dressing scissors