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Podiatry Instruments Suppliers

Types of Podiatry Instruments 

    Reusable Podiatry instruments

    Podiatry Nail Nippers Clippers
      • Cantilever Nail Nippers 
      • Full head cut Nail Nippers
      • Half head cut Nail Nippers
      • Straight cut Nail Nippers
      • Ingrown Nail Nippers

      Nail nippers produced in different sizes and shapes. Podiatry nippers are made of medical grade stainless steel the minimum HRC is 40-50 for excellent cutting quality. 

      Dressing and Felt Scissors
        • Sharp/Sharp Dressing Scissors (Both blades are sharp)
        • Blunt/Blunt Dressing Scissors (Both blades are blunt)  
        • Sharp/Blunt Dressing Scissors 
        • Sharp Cutting Point Scissors
        • Round Cutting Point Scissors
        • Iris Scissors 
        • Bandage Scissors
        • Tough Cut Scissors 

        All surgical and podiatry scissors produced in different sizes the moat popular size is 15cm.

        • Tube Gauze Applicator 
        • Foot Dressers & Rasps
        • Blacks Files
        • Probes 
        • Gouges 
        • BP Handles 
        • Corn callus remover 

        At Viva Instruments we produces all of the above instruments and sell worldwide at very competitive prices.

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