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15 best Podiatry Instruments

15 best Podiatry Instruments

See Below best podiatry instruments from viva instruments. 


1. Full Head Cut Nail Nipper 

2. Foot Dresser 

3. Dressing Scissors 

4. Lister bandage scissors

5. Cantilever Nail Nippers 

6. Tissue Cuticle Nipper 

7. Thwaites Nail Splitter 

8. Concave Blade Nail Nipper

9. Tissue Cuticle Nipper

10. Viva Concave Blade Nail Nipper with lock

11. Straight Cut Nail Nipper 

12. Barrel Spring Nail Nipper 

13. Ingrown Nail Nipper 

14. Adson forceps

15. Nail Gouges 



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