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Podiatry industry is growing rapidly in the UK and demand for Podiatry & Surgical instruments has increased over the years.

Many Podiatrists prefer to use reusable podiatry instruments for excellent results and provide highest quality clinical services. 

We at Viva Instruments work hard to develop new instruments for podiatry industry in the UK and supply highest quality instruments at very competitive prices.

Single use podiatry instruments are getting very popular but we still advice our clients to use reusable instruments for better performance and also they are environment friendly. 

  • Nail Nippers 
  • Cantilever Nippers
  • Blacks File & Probes
  • Nail files & Rasps 
  • Nail surgery instruments
  • Forceps
  • Bone cutters
  • Thwaites Nipper Pliers 
  • Dressing scissors 

Surgical Instruments | Solingen Germany

Viva instruments proudly announce that we use German forging for surgical & podiatry instruments. German forging is popular for producing high quality stainless steel surgical and podiatry instruments. We have team of experts in Germany sourcing forging for Viva instruments and then it’s exported to our factory based in Sialkot, Pakistan, for final finishing. The Sialkot is well known for it’s Surgical & Podiatry instruments thousands of skilled workers work day and night to produce quality surgical instruments and keep the world healthcare moving. 

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Surgical & Podiatry Instruments | UK

Viva instruments is a british brand serving podiatrists & surgeons in the UK and worldwide. Free delivery on all orders UK mainland, Free delivery worldwide on all orders over £200.00 best quality surgical and podiatry instruments promise.

Types of Podiatry Instruments

Podiatry Instruments Suppliers

Types of Podiatry Instruments 

    Reusable Podiatry instruments

    Podiatry Nail Nippers Clippers
      • Cantilever Nail Nippers 
      • Full head cut Nail Nippers
      • Half head cut Nail Nippers
      • Straight cut Nail Nippers
      • Ingrown Nail Nippers

      Nail nippers produced in different sizes and shapes. Podiatry nippers are made of medical grade stainless steel the minimum HRC is 40-50 for excellent cutting quality. 

      Dressing and Felt Scissors
        • Sharp/Sharp Dressing Scissors (Both blades are sharp)
        • Blunt/Blunt Dressing Scissors (Both blades are blunt)  
        • Sharp/Blunt Dressing Scissors 
        • Sharp Cutting Point Scissors
        • Round Cutting Point Scissors
        • Iris Scissors 
        • Bandage Scissors
        • Tough Cut Scissors 

        All surgical and podiatry scissors produced in different sizes the moat popular size is 15cm.

        • Tube Gauze Applicator 
        • Foot Dressers & Rasps
        • Blacks Files
        • Probes 
        • Gouges 
        • BP Handles 
        • Corn callus remover 

        At Viva Instruments we produces all of the above instruments and sell worldwide at very competitive prices.

        Visit at to find out more.   


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