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Cantilever nippers or articular heavy-duty toenail cutters are designed to cut or remove tough nails and widely used by podiatrists and pedicurists around the globe. They are manufactured in different shapes and sizes when choosing a pair of nippers the size and style plays a crucial role. They provide excellent cutting quality, easy to hold and operate. At Viva Instruments, we manufacture the highest quality cantilever nippers, podiatry tools using the highest grade of stainless steel.

Types of Cantilever Nail Nippers

  • Full Head Cut with double action or barrel spring
  • Concave Blade with double-leaf or barrel spring
  • Straight Blade with barrel or leaf spring

The cantilever nippers are also built with safety back lock to protect the nipper and sharpness of the blades.

Cantilever Nail Nippers | Viva Instruments

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