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Hello! Lets talk about surgical instruments. Surgical instruments play a crucial role in healthcare industry they used to perform many different type of surgical procedures sourcing good quality surgical instruments can be very difficult task. Surgical instruments are made with high grade surgical stainless steel to insure that the instruments last for long period and safe to perform during surgeries. There are many companies supplying surgical medical instruments in the market today and they all source instruments from different manufacturers around the world.  

Viva instruments is a leading manufacturer and supplier of surgical medical instruments including, Podiatry instruments, Dental instruments, and Veterinary instruments. Viva has its own manufacturing unit and employee skilled labour to produce world class medical instruments.    

For the convenience of health practitioners, medical students, dentists, paediatrics, and veterans, we have launched this online. We hope you will find everything you need on this online store all our instruments are very high quality and prices are also very competitive, affordable and low.

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Viva Instruments 

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