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Ingrown Nail Nippers | Podiatry Blog | Viva Instruments

Ingrown nail nippers | Podiatry Instruments


What are ingrown nail nippers?


Ingrown nail nipper is a stainless steel instrument designed for podiatry procedures and used to cut the ingrown nails. The straight pointed tip and blades are very sharp and cut the nail or tissue easy and smoothly. The handles are normally plain and provide an excellent non-slip grip. Ingrown nail nippers widely used by podiatrists around the world available in reusable quality or single-use.


Reusable Nippers

They are made from high-quality medical-grade stainless steel, at Viva Instruments we manufacture nail nippers using AISI 420 stainless steel with minimum HRC 50-54. The HRC (Hardness of steel) is very important when manufacturing instruments it provides best quality cutting results, the ideal minimum HRC we recommend is 50-54. The double-action or single leaf spring play a crucial role when operating nippers they are set and aligned at the right position for getting the best performance.


Choosing the right Nipper

There are many different types and sizes available of ingrown nail nippers but having the right one can make you and your patients comfortable. At Viva Instruments, we offer multiple designs and sizes the most popular sizes are 11.5cm and 13cm with double leaf spring.


Single-use Nippers Disposable podiatry instruments are being used in many countries but we do not recommend using single-use nippers as they are not environmentally friendly and does not provide the same results as reusable instruments.










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